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Bulwark Exterminating

Bulwark Exterminating has been doing quality pest control in many of the metropolitan areas across America keeping their customers pest free in and around their home. Ants, cockroaches, spiders, scorpions and other bugs are effectively eliminated by our professional technicians that know the best places to spray and what to spray. Pest control is a lot more than just using the best chemicals on the market. Our technicians are trained on knowing the specific chemicals used for the pests bothering your home and were to apply the treatment. Quality pest control is also about customer care through listening to our customers needs, communicating scheduling and the types of treatments being used for your specific pest problems.

Our in wall system

In wall pest control

Bulwark Exterminating has been in the lead for the best pest control products and systems in the market and know is making in wall pest tubes a part of our arsenal of pest control. As with our barrier systems our in wall system is the cutting edge in products. Click here for more on our in wall systems and the products we use.

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Barrier pest control

For the best results with pest control an in wall system is most effective when combined with a reliable barrier put down by professional technicians. Bugs don’t even stand a chance when they have get through a outside barrier and then another barrier between the walls before then can make it into your home. The combination of the two create a guaranteed pest control barrier that will keep the ants, spiders, cockroaches, crickets, scorpions, and other pests out.